Zobacz Centrum Hotelowo - Konferencyjne DELICJUSZ w serwisie mojekonferencje.pl

Banquets, jubilees, Christmas dinners, balls

Our big advantage is our spacious banquet halls that make it possible to organise an event for over 300 persons. The halls are multifunctional. It is possible to join or divide them, and that is why they are a perfect solution for both small meetings and large banquets.

We arrange the halls according to requests of our guests. Guests can be seated at round 10-person tables, in a typical wedding reception arrangement (U-shape arrangement, rows) or single 6-10-person tables.

The whole is completed with smart decorations and a perfect and qualified waiting and cooking staff. Dishes are served quickly and in compliance with all the rules applicable to all smart restaurants.

The solutions and arrangements of our halls are perfectly reflected during accompanying events, such as theme nights or live performances.


Sebastian Grosy
Mobile +48 570 507 700
E-mail: s.grosy@delicjusz.pl