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in the heart of Greater Poland

Good morning!


We are very pleased to invite you to visit one of the loveliest areas in Poland, that is the Greater Poland Plain. It is here, in the village of Rosnowko, at the edge of the National Park of Greater Poland, and, at the same time, 15 km from the centre of Poland, where Hotel Delicjusz is located. It is an amazingly hospitable place where you will certainly want to return.

Why us?


We offer great convenience in form of quick and easy access to the International Poznan Trade Fairs. We offer our guests free transportation to the location of the biggest trade fairs in Poznan. Another one of our great advantages is certainly the vicinity of the National Park of Greater Poland, thanks to which our guests can spend their time close to nature as well as organise hiking, cycling and horseback riding trips on numerous tourist trails.